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SUR Marine ST 330 Classic

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These 2 twin-models are enriched with technical solutions that are becoming the reference for the category. Care of details such as lateral step with courtesy light, and top dynamic behaviour thanks to optomized weight distributed on and a keel with highly variable angle. True best-sellers which now reached the second generation.

Thanks to our double-shell technology which means 2 fiberglass body and no other parts assembled, with this ultra-light tender you will fly on the water with only 20 hp and the support of new Surmarine “autotrim” flaps.

  • Cm 326 x 170
  • 115kgs Boat only When options Fitted: Teak steam head, comfort armrest, adjustable steering wheel .
  • Fitted with Yamaha 20hp Outboard 215Kgs Fitted with Teak steam head, comfort armrest, adjustable steering wheel .
  • Tube size 42cm (ORCA hypalon)
  • Max 25hp
  • 20L Removable fuel tank
  • Capacity 5 People
  • Category C
  • Price Ex engine
  • UNIVERSAL CHOCKS (PAIR)  Fitting additional

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