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Going beyond conventional requires curiosity and determination, and these virtues apply to both the developers and users of XO DSCVR T-Top. While the conventional bow riders have to settle for the calm waters close by, DSCVR 9 T-Top takes the crew even through the rough seas to new adventures and experiences.

The ideal destination may be behind a couple of rougher weather fronts, but when others have to stay in port, DSCVR 9 T-Top ensures you arrive there safe and sound. After a dive, climb, ride, surf, swim or whatever activity happens to resonate the most on that particular day, relaxing moments on the way back feel even more justified.

Feel free to enjoy a full day of activities that, thanks to features such as the vast sunbed area at the stern and integrated bar & dining area, only get better on the way back. The optional canopy helps make the conditions outright perfect – in a DSCVR 9 T-Top, even if it rains it shines!

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